5 online games to ease the day’s stress

As a game lover, I find online games the go-to place when I need to quickly take my mind off things. For 1 its not installed on my system or phone so it doesn’t take any space and 2, online games can be quickly opened and closed anywhere, at home or office.

There are many online games out there but a few has caught my gaming eyes. A particular online gaming source has numerous online games to choose from. Having multiple games at once first increases the curiosity, as a gamer you will just want to try all of them to see which one you like the most. But what do you do when each game is addictive enough on its own?

Simplicity defines online games. When you want to play heavy graphic games like call of duty, the best thing is to play the offline version. But when you need a quick distration, read on for some options into the best online games available to you, and for free.

Duck Shoot – When you feel like going to the carnivals and you realize you are still at work, Duck Shoot is the game to make your mind feel-at-carnival. This is a beautiful virtual duck shooting gallery game similar to the type one might find at a carnival.

Duck Shoot is rendered in mobile-friendly format, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache.

Your goal in this carnival-style game is to shoot down as many of the passing ducks as you can. It seems easy enough, since you do so by tapping with a mouse or your fingers. You don’t need to contend with that pesky aim and hand-eye coordination. Duck Shoot isn’t one of those games with simple controls that are hard to do. And you get extra time with each duck or sea monster you shoot down.

Once you start, that’s all there is to it. What adds difficulty is the type of ducks you aren’t supposed to shoot. These have a cross sign on them. They can be quite confusing to pick out in the crowds. This game is easy to get into and is fun to try and beat.

My personal best on this game is 86, for now. You should see if you can beat that.

Duck Shoot - TDPel News
Duck Shoot – TDPel News

Online Bible Quiz – Games are not made for sinners only and it’s possible to keep closer to God while catching fun at the same time. You may test your knowledge of the Bible and Christian theology with quiz on the Bible.

Besides the content from the scriptures, the quiz also covers topics related to the Bible. Among these include the historical context and publishing history of scripture. This game is a convenient refresher course in scriptural studies. Its ideal for both the zealous Sunday school student or the aspiring theologian.

Bible quiz game - TDPel News
Bible quiz game – TDPel News

Musical Games – One thing that can get you relaxed is music. The sound of music is just so pleasing to the brain, so why not make it fun? Drum Beats is a game that allows you the pleasure of good music while aiming for a high score.

The more beats you play on cue, the higher your score but time each drum beat with care. You must strike them at the right time and not a moment more, also watch out for drum rolls.

At the start, you have the option to select six Japanese folk songs. Each song represents varying degrees of difficulty. Do note that to appreciate the game, you must get a good grasp of its mechanics. Get accustomed to the controls first before trying out any of the faster songs.

Drum beat game - TDPel News
Drum beat game – TDPel News

Racing (Road Riot) – Gamers love racing, we know, but remember to keep your racing desires on the screen. This particular online racing game makes this list because it loads fast and has great graphics (you even get to watch Pizza disappear as it loads). You can select between whether you want to run a quick race, run in a tournament or a solo race against the clock and you also get to choose the difficulty level.

When you need a quick distraction from a stressful day, this particular game will get all your attention and make you forget your worries.

Road Riot - TDPel News
Road Riot – TDPel News

Escape The Fuzz– As you race, why not add even more fun. Escape the fuzz is a Pac-Man inspired driving game that puts you in the position of a getaway car running from the police. Your goal is to collect all the coins on the map and rely on power pellets to turn the tables on the cops.

To clear a level, you must take all the power pellets and the coins from the map. Your modus operandi for this game is to maintain routes of escape. Use the radar above to determine if the fuzz is closing in to get yourself out of there. Collect as much as you can before taking the power pellets to maximize their use.

The art style is not only for show. The new skin shakes up the gameplay by making obstacles less obvious on first glance. Road repairs, for instance, may block what seems to be a viable escape route. This shakes up your game plan since you don’t always have a clear idea of the available paths.

Escape the fuzz - TDPel News
Escape the fuzz – TDPel News

Games are meant to please your soul not put you on the hot seat. So anytime you feel worked-up, you can ease the day’s stress from numerous gaming options.


5 online games to ease the day’s stress

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