Anti – Grazing Bill Scales Second Reading In Anambra State Assembly

A bill for a law to prohibit and abolish open and Normadic cattle and other livestock grazing and rearing in Anambra State and to establish cattle and other livestock ranches in Anambra State, has scaled second reading in the Anambra State House of Assembly.

While presenting the bill for second reading during yesterday’s plenary, the majority leader, Dr. Nnamdi Okafor explained that it aims at arresting open form of cattle rearing, abolish livestock grazing and establish ranches in the state.

The Deputy Speaker, Dr. Paschal Agbodike who noted that open grazing has claimed lives and destroyed farm lands in Anambra state, expressed confidence that when the bill is passed into law, Anambra State will begin to witness International best practices in livestock administration, regulation, control while killings of farmers by people who operate open form of grazing will stop.

On his part, the member representing Anambra East Constituency, Chief Obinna Emeneka said the bill has justified one the cardinal objectives of the State legislature, which is representation, stressing that it will prevent transmission of disease and forestall further loss of lives.

The member representing Njikoka Constituency Two, Dr. Pete Ibida who regretted that open grazing has done more harm than good to the State, maintained that the bill will stop people who run open grazing from causing further security hazards in the state and havoc on state roads.

Speaker of the House, Right Honourable Uche Okafor who described the menace of open grazing as a source of concern to all, assured that the House will give the bill expeditious passage.

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